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Carlos G.

"Molly's Team has created something that is unparalleled and unmatched. Not only does her course offer so much value, Molly’s attention to you, your company, and its workflows goes above and beyond. This is not a “take our course and you’re on your own”—Molly will help you from beginning to end. She is a great business advisor and, more importantly, treats you with kindness and respect. If you value your business, you will not only work with Molly, but also follow her advice."

John R.

"I have worked with Molly & her team for several years and she is the best…period! She guided our law firm into success when we were stuck. She helped each person individually to bring team success. She personally showed me how to master my time and be successful in my position. Her support and “tough love” brought me encouragement and confidence that I could not only do my job, but rise above it. I didn’t dread going into work. Her down to earth approach is exactly what I needed and I couldn’t’ be more grateful..."

Connie A.

"Roslyn and Molly, I want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the years. Our firm reached a goal TODAY! I was able to pay off my house mortgage. You were instrumental in helping me be better as an attorney and looking at my business and being better at that part too. Thank you both!"

Laura F.

"We are SOOOOOOOOOOO pleased with our call today with Roz & her team. She listened to our situation, understood our “merger” concerns, that we don’t want to break what is working, but we do want to enhance and add to. Collectively we can see things moving forward after one call. Thank you so much for your willingness to listen to us and make a change on our behalf."

Amena C.

"Dear Roz & team, Our revenue goal is (confidentially), as you know, $xxxxxxxxx per month. Thanks to a lot of very hard work by our entire team here and the constant coaching and support we managed to slightly exceed our revenue goal for the month of September, the best month we have ever had in the history of our firm. We know our goal is modest. We are anxious to increase our modest goal to a number we consider more acceptable. Still, we wanted to take just a moment to congratulate each other (as we did in our team meeting yesterday – it was everybody’s professional win for the week). We all immediately thought of you. You have been a true partner in this with us and we want to recognize you and say thanks to you for your dedication to our team and your commitment to helping us hit our goal."

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