Lead Generation Funnels & Ebooks
The fundamentals of marketing have remained the same. However, the channels, delivery, metrics, and offerings allow us to be more creative and profitable!

Lead Generation Funnels & Ebooks

Legal marketing is vastly different today than it was just three years ago. Billboards, phone books, infomercials, mailers, flyers, and newspaper ads were still prevalent. In today’s environment, there is PPC (pays per click), social media, digital marketing, and SEO to negotiate and contend with. 


The digital arena is riddled with overwhelming opportunities to grow your practice. Both “old school” approaches of phone books and newspaper ads, as well as the “new age” of legal marketing funnels, actually are the same. They just operate in different spaces, but the premise of converting prospects to paying clients remains the same. Anyone with a law firm must have a legal marketing funnel, or they are missing online traffic, which means that leads are lost. This must be part of your strategy.


A marketing funnel simply brings your clients into a journey of “hook, story, offer.” The top of funnel is the widest and where you want to capture most of your leads. This is where most of your prospects find you and enter the path you lay out to guide them along their journey. It is where you create awareness and build the “know, like, and trust.” The middle of the funnel is where you start to convince them you’re the right person to handle their legal struggles and solutions. The bottom of the funnel is where you convert them, schedule appointments, and see prospects turn into paying clients.


Marketing today, without a marketing funnel, is like being invisible in a sea of online searches. Simply put, it is unlikely you will ever be found online. Your competitors that are implementing strategies through funnels are getting found, building relationships, and gaining new clients. A website isn’t enough. A funnel will offer your prospects solutions to their pain and will get them to book a call or come meet with you. It’s an extremely effective way to generate leads that ultimately convert to happy paying clients that are more apt to refer your firm to friends and relatives, thus building business and increasing revenue on a long-term basis.

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