Lead Conversion KPI’s & Analytics
One of the most important factors in creating, launching, and replicating winning campaigns is understanding metrics (aka KPI's.) We make this simple with our proven system that'll help you understand and scale your marketing efforts.

Lead Conversion KPI’s & Analytics

Immediately when you start working with Legal Marketing F.L.O.W. we open dialog about conversions and Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s.  We believe everything comes down to tracking and reporting.


There are key indicators that we will analyze when you scheduled your first call with us. We will not just work with you on the important metrics (Click-through rate, Cost per conversion, Open rates, etc.), but we will make sure that you are clear on what’s working and what isn’t working in all of your marketing efforts. This is where we retrieve the data to make all critical decisions based on numbers and facts.


There are thousands of reports you can pull from Google, Social Media, your CRM, an Excel spreadsheet; however, we review and analyze what really counts land clarify with you what they can mean for your firm. We access the same data available to anyone, except we make it simple and profitable for you.  

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