Event Coordination, Promotion and Local Outreach
One of the quickest ways to build brand recognition and grow your referral network is through event coordination, promotion, and local outreach.

Event Coordination, Promotion and Local Outreach

Another effective strategy your firm can do is to connect with your local community by participating and offering events and local outreach. Doing this will increase your brand recognition and grow your referral network.  Getting outside your practice and into your community will connect you with your prospects and referral sources.


When your firm locks arms with community outreach, it automatically increases your visibility within your community and facilitates connections. Your firm will build a sense of belonging while impacting all of your marketing efforts in a positive way. As an attorney in your community, you do great work, and F.L.O.W. enjoys shining a light on the benefits you offer to your community. Things like educational workshops, pro-bono work, fundraising events, outreach, free V.I.P. client events are a few effective ways to create visibility and connections.


Regardless of the events or community events your firm participates in; it’s extremely important to connect your community with every one of them. We see these events as opportunities to strengthen your brand and become an important presence while sharing the difference you are making with those around you and your law firm. 

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