Email Marketing
Email marketing is crucial for building relationships, turning prospects into leads, and growing your bottom line.

Email Marketing

Legal Marketing F.L.O.W, knows how crucial email marketing is for building relationships for your firm. In fact, email marketing has made this easier!  It helps you leverage the relationships you have, and you will no longer have to wait for prospects to reach out to you. You can effectively reach them by giving them what they want and need, straight to their inbox. 


When this is done with a “value first” approach, it helps with engagement, retention, and SEO. Email marketing will cover everything you need to support your firm with follow up that leads to growth. It will also support your effort by remaining in contact with your clients, onboarding prospects, and will help you drive traffic to your website, which boosts your social media engagement.


We use subject lines that get your emails opened and consistently review analytics to ensure timely deliveries and sending valuable information to maximize subscriptions. We want people to look forward to your content and think to themselves, “I’ll never leave.”  We can’t tell you how often we onboard a new client, and all we see are email campaigns that are merely event invitations. In our experience, your firm must have an 80/20 approach that consists of 80% valuable content that prospects consume and love, and 20% that creates conversions sees people walk through your door.  

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