Chief Marketing Officer
We've developed the perfect solution that gives you all the attention and benefits of a "big firm" C.M.O. without the daunting salary. With a focus on team synergy, a clear vision, a solid plan, and a fool-proof strategy, we are here to help you succeed.

Chief Marketing Officer

You can’t deny that big law firms with a C.E.O., C.F.O. and/or a C.M.O. often have an advantage over small boutique law firms.  It doesn’t have to be that way. F.L.O.W. Legal Marketing experts are huge advocates for creating synergy between you and your team on all things “marketing” and ensuring that there is a clear vision for your law firm in creating and implementing a solid marketing plan and strategy. With our services, everyone on your team will be clear of the future vision and who is responsible for each strategy in the marketing plan.

Every small law firm needs to have clear leadership for advertising, promotions, lead generation, social media, pricing, and client services.  We don’t just say that. We lock arms with your firm and completely step into that role WITH you. We bring 25+ years of collective, legal marketing experience as we have worked with over 4k firms Nationally. The goal of your marketing strategy and plan should always be Return on Investment (R.O.I.) first! Your team will be far more effective together with us, serving as your full-service marketing agency and owning the role of your fractional Chief Marketing Officer.

This is what will make you stand out amongst your competition. We will develop strategic and effective marketing campaigns, maximize your marketing budget dollars and help develop and improve your client relationships. More so than ever, law firms in this day and age are forced to be creative and develop different marketing approaches in order to create and continue their success. This is the era of client empowerment, and your practice needs to meet the demands from prospects and increase your transparency in order to deliver more value from your services.

When most law firms think about marketing, they tend to focus on and emphasize the accomplishments of the firm’s partners. F.L.O.W. creates different messages, and as your C.M.O., we’ll make certain that you speak to your audience in a way that puts them in the front seat in all areas of your marketing. First and foremost, your clients want to know, like, and trust their attorney and connect in a way that creates a level of comfort.  We’ll lead your business growth and help you think outside the box. 

With cutting edge marketing, we will scale your practice, in turn creating more time for you while your firm increases revenue. Furthermore, F.L.O.W. will work with you and your team to implement proactive strategies that will increase revenue by 30% in 90 days, or we pause your payments. Imagine what YOUR PRACTICE would look like in a year with a C.M.O.!

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