Key Marketing Metrics for Law Firms

“Marketing is an investment” is a true statement in the same way that “Elon Musk is well-off” is a true statement. It’s not wrong but it’s also misleadingly understated. Just like you’d need to say a little bit more than “well-off” to describe Musk’s wealth, you’d also need to say more than “marketing is anContinue reading “Key Marketing Metrics for Law Firms”

Great Marketing Requires Great Storytelling

Storytelling is a core component of human nature. It is, according to Yuval Noah Harari author of the award-winning Sapiens, the distinguishing feature that allowed us to band together and triumph over the much more powerful but less community-oriented Neanderthals, thereby making us the globe’s dominant species. It is no surprise, then, that a good storyContinue reading “Great Marketing Requires Great Storytelling”

What Marketers Can Learn from Simone Biles

Perhaps the only match for Simone Biles’ gymnastics mastery is the tremendous courage and mental fortitude that she showed at this year’s Olympics. Little compares to these two extraordinary gifts and yet Biles’ marketing prowess comes close. Undoubtedly the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of artistic gymnastics, she might also soon be among the GOATsContinue reading “What Marketers Can Learn from Simone Biles”

The Hybrid Work Week: What Is It and What do Marketers Need to Know?

Leading firms are deep into designing their post-pandemic operational models and the hybrid workweek sits at the center of their thinking. This concept has gained traction among industry leaders because it allows employees to retain the flexibility they have grown accustomed to working from home while providing the in-office contact essential to team unity. TheContinue reading “The Hybrid Work Week: What Is It and What do Marketers Need to Know?”

What Art Can Teach You About Marketing

Innovation is the principal driver behind both marketing and art and the reason for this is simple: marketing is a subset of art in general. Purists will insist that art is, by definition, not commercial but this an arbitrary judgment. Whether or not marketing makes money doesn’t change its fundamentally creative nature. Good art isContinue reading “What Art Can Teach You About Marketing”

Marketing Has Changed in 2021 and Here’s How

Events of the past 18 months have changed the world of marketing and there’s no going back. Companies that understand these changes are swimming in the fast lane while those that don’t are struggling to stay afloat. Ensure you are in the former and not the latter category by tuning in to the following fiveContinue reading “Marketing Has Changed in 2021 and Here’s How”