Don’t Stop Now: Why Busy Firms Need to Keep Marketing (and How to Do So) 

Just as athletes don’t stop but keep pushing when they’re ahead, law firms (or those aspiring to level-up success) need to keep on the gas when things are going well. Feast today, famine tomorrow. When your firm is flush with resources is exactly the time to invest in marketing lest you not have the resources to generate business when you really need it.

This, of course, is easier said than done. Good attorneys don’t drop balls because of lack of will, skill, or work ethic; they do so for lack of time. Luckily, keeping the marketing ball in the air is manageable no matter your workload if you know where to best direct your time.

While there’s a lot that goes into an effective marketing strategy, including branding, social media engagement, process streamlining, employee professional development, and leadership training, one of the most significant factors is your relationships. Relationship building is marketing dynamite and if you do it well, the results are explosive. What’s more, when your firm is thriving you have a wealth of relationships to nurture which means there is no better time to put in this kind of work. 

Four Relationship-Building Strategies for Busy Firms 

  1. Upgrade Your Interactions

Turn that email into a phone call; that phone into a Zoom meeting; that Zoom meeting into lunch; that lunch into cocktails. Everyone likes to feel cared for and one of the best ways to meet this need is to offer personal attention. Often, such changes require little or no extra time on your part and make a lasting impact. When a client, contact, or team member sees you give a little extra, they are inclined to do the same. In marketing terms, this translates to word-of-mouth recommendations worth their weight in gold. 

2. Nurture Your Network 

Strike while the iron is hot, right? There is no better time to connect with potential clients, colleagues, association members, and friends than when things are humming. Book ten minutes each day to tune into Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Vlog about successful cases while walking to the office. Attend relevant events. Pop into your alma mater and grab coffee with old professors. All of these activities energize your wins, boost your momentum, and build your profile.

3. Follow-Up

The eternal networking fail of busy attorneys is failure to follow up. It takes 2 minutes, can be done while sipping your morning coffee, and it means any time spent making new contacts wasn’t wasted. Just do it. 

4. Be Authentic

We all know that colleague who is so chronically overworked that busy has become their personality. And we all know how pleasant they are to be around. Instead of being that colleague, reserve energy to be yourself. It takes no extra time to share a laugh or commiserate with a client over last night’s game and yet the gains of doing so are incalculable. Authenticity is as important to your brand as business acumen and infinitely easier to cultivate. Don’t let the rush of a busy firm obscure the need to be a genuine person.

To learn more about how to keep your high-octane firm in top gear, don’t hesitate to book a call for your legal marketing analytics with us – together we have 25+ years of experience helping top law firms stay on top. 

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