Law Firm Marketing: Eight Essential Skills for Your Chief Marketing Officer

chief marketing officer

In the increasingly competitive and diverse world of law, a refined marketing strategy is more important than ever. This is no news to those leading the charge—aka top firms—who long ago acknowledged the need for a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Small firms looking to keep pace need to do the same as the digital economy leaves little space for boutique operations with muted outreach. As you think about adding a CMO to your executive suite, these are the essential skills you need to look out for. 

  1. Creativity

A star CMO is, above all, adaptable which means they have the ability to imagine and reimagine in the face of ever-changing technology-driven marketing. This does not only mean following trends but creating them which, naturally, requires creativity. 

2. Strategic Acuity

Creative thinking is only a business asset in the measure that it is directed by strategy which is why a CMO’s imagination must be tethered by logic and an ability to develop strategy based on high-quality data. 

3. Data-Driven Thinking  

Speaking of data, a good CMO knows both how to gather and effectively apply it. Data analysis is a cornerstone of the position and the ability to draw meaningful, actionable conclusions from data gathered is what makes a CMO shine. 

4. Natural Leadership

While so much of being an effective CMO depends on having a full suite of the abilities described above, this alone means nothing without a natural penchant for leadership. After all, CMOs work with people and therefore need to be able to both motivate and guide. 

5. Teamwork

Present-day marketing is driven by continual technological innovation which means your CMO will have to interface continually with your IT personnel and other branches of your firm. A collaborative spirit is therefore essential as is the ability to clearly communicate marketing goals and intentions. 

6. Refined Communication Skills

Communication with other members of your team is only the start of your CMO’s communication-related responsibilities. Marketing, of course, is all about making connections and innovating new strategies to reach your firm’s target audience; being able to communicate across all mediums and via various channels is therefore indispensable. 

7. Foresight

A CMO does not just ensure the product you offer reaches market, but they shape the product as it arrives such that it commands maximum interest. This means maintaining an eye on the horizon and continually collaborating to help your firm imagine new avenues for growth.

8. Marketing Awareness

It goes without saying that an effective CMO requires a deep knowledge of marketing past and present. Beyond this, they also need a sense of marketing’s future; that is, a sense of where trends are going and how your firm can tap emerging opportunities before others are even aware of their presence. 

Reading this list may lead you to think that a good CMO need almost be divine to succeed at their task but this is not the case. While a lot is required of an effective CMO, their skillset is the same as that required of any other high-octane position: talent and experience. At Legal Marking FLOW we have both in spades. To learn more, book a call with us! We look forward to meeting you!

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