What Marketers Can Learn from Simone Biles

simone biles

Perhaps the only match for Simone Biles’ gymnastics mastery is the tremendous courage and mental fortitude that she showed at this year’s Olympics. Little compares to these two extraordinary gifts and yet Biles’ marketing prowess comes close. Undoubtedly the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of artistic gymnastics, she might also soon be among the GOATs of marketing thanks to her once-in-a-generation combination of talent, leadership ability, social acuity, and powerful branding. Bile is not just an innovator in athletics but in business, too, which is why those looking to hold the leading edge in their field need to take notes.

Naturally, Biles’ mastery of her sport is what most drives sponsors’ interest, and yet if this were all she had—which, don’t us get wrong, is plenty!—Her platform would hardly be what it is. Beyond her athletic dominance, Biles offers an authentic, human profile which makes her among the most sought-after spokespeople on the planet. What’s more, she does this at a time when the public, more than ever before, craves authenticity—and not just from public figures but from the brands they support, too. 

Biles’ both outstandingly accomplished and outstandingly relatable profile comes as a product of her purposeful support for meaningful causes and willingness to model the values she advocates. Readers will recall the tragic blow dealt to USA Gymnastics when team physician Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse was brought to light. Likewise, they will remember that Biles courageously stepped forward to report that she, too, had been abused, showing that even the most accomplished of women can be victims of gendered violence.

Biles’ invitation to teammate Jordan Chiles to train at her family gym in Texas will similarly be remembered as an act of kindness and solidarity in tune with the authentic brand Biles has built. Likely the strongest example of her character, however, was her decision to withdraw from four event finals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the interest of protecting her mental health. In so doing, she showed the world that she would care for her well-being above all else and, in turn, empowered individuals far and wide to do the same. Naturally, her popularity only grew in response with praise coming from figures as varied as Justin Bieber and Michelle Obama. 

Biles’ Brand of Success is All Kinds of Inspirational

Businesses of all kinds would be wise to take inspiration from Biles. While all credit for her success is due to her extraordinary character—both on and off the mat—it bears noting that Biles operates in perfect tune with the present moment. Consumers crave authenticity. As the world continues to struggle against the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, this has only become truer. In a world dominated by digital interaction, people miss authentic connection and so it should come as no surprise that companies who tune into this need experience unprecedented success.

Law firms and other business types that rely on sustained client relationships can nurture an authentic brand in many different ways. Strategies are wide-ranging and yet all center on genuine messaging and personalized communication. What this means for your firm depends on your specific profile which is why crafting a marketing strategy is best done in consultation with an experienced legal marketing agency.  

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