What Makes Marketing for Law Firms Different

marketing for law firms

Law is a serious subject. Lawyers don’t need to be reminded of this but what they do need to be reminded of is that this feature makes marketing for lawyers different from marketing for most other professions. Glitzy marketing campaigns don’t work for law firms because, by their very nature, they discredit the high stakes of the field in which lawyers work. This does not mean that marketing is not a crucial component of any law firm’s success, however. Instead, it just means that need to go about marketing their product differently. 

A Historical Lens on Legal Marketing

Prior to the digital era, marketing was dominated by eye-catching billboards, television advertisements, and newspaper classifieds. While not unheard of, it was rare to see any of these used to promote, say, flash sales of divorce attorney services or two-for-one deals on estate planning. This is because such approaches discredit the seriousness of a firm’s practice and so, instead, attorneys have historically relied on word-of-mouth recommendations to promote their product. 

Personal recommendations driven by community connections still play an important role in legal marketing—indeed, some would say more important than ever—and yet changes in technology have necessitated changes in marketing and this is as true for law firms as for any other type of business. 

Differences Aside, Law Firms Are Still Businesses 

However unique the nature of law firms, at their core they continue to be businesses and it is a fundamental truth that a business is only successful in the measure that it maintains continued growth. Successful marketing is the main driver of every enterprises’ growth and so learning how to capitalize on modern marketing techniques without compromising credibility is crucial to your firm’s success. 

Legal Marketing in 2021

It has always been and continues to be the case that when seeking legal counsel, clients prioritize talent, professionalism, and security. What has changed is that these words mean something different in a digital, post-Covid world. Top-tier law firms of the present both rely upon and demonstrably protect the vast client data that allows them to stay ahead. Likewise, they showcase their standout talent and ability to not only meet but anticipate clients’ specific needs as an important part of competing in a marketplace where consumers have a razor-thin margin for compromise. They do this in the following three ways:

  1. Strategic use of AI technology to gather target market data and provide anticipatory, personalized service.
  2. Unwavering focus on relationship building and maintenance across the entire gamut of social media and digital communication channels.
  3. Comprehensive customer journey mapping and lead generation funnels supported by appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs).

Top Firms Don’t Go It Alone

Many attorneys, especially those who still rely on traditional marketing methods, will have read the above and not known where to start. This is because attorneys are trained to practice law, not run successful, modern marketing campaigns. In 2021, you need an experienced legal consultant to manage this wing of your business and this is where Legal Marking FLOW comes in. 

To learn more about what 25+ years of legal marketing knowledge can do for your firm, don’t hesitate to contact us either by calling (720) 990-9673 or reaching out via the contact form on our website. 

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