What Does One-Stop Legal Marketing Look Like in 2021?

Legal marketing consultants are everywhere. The field is experiencing explosive growth as more and more boutique law firms discover that twenty-first-century marketing tactics allow them to take on big, top firms without spending top dollar. By capitalizing on targeted strategies and exploiting the powerful algorithms of digital media, the little guy can compete with deep-pocketed, brand-name operations—but only if they engage a coordinated strategy. While legal marketing consultants may be multiplying like rabbits, only those that offer one-stop solutions are worth your time. After all, a strategy cannot be coordinated if not comprehensive and in order to meet this criterion, it needs to incorporate all aspects of present-day marketing. 

Ten Key Marketing Practices in 2021

  1. Social Media Content and Engagement

Love it or hate, building a social media brand is a cornerstone of modern marketing. A good legal marketing consultant will not only generate content, but curate a channel that represents the essence of your firm and use key analytics to determine how to drive exactly the kind of traffic you are looking for. 

2. Video Marketing via YouTube

YouTube is part social media platform, part search engine and if you don’t have content on there you are missing out on easy clicks. Video is the most accessible of modern media and a crucial complement to any SEO campaign you may (read: should) be running.

3. Press Releases and Blogging 

When crafted with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices in mind, press releases and blog posts both drive new traffic to your website and inform your community about all you do to leave a positive, lasting impact on people’s lives. 

4. Email Marketing

While it may seem old-school, email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful ways to engage prospective clients and retain current ones. 

5. Facebook and Google Ads

In 2021, you simply cannot gain consistent visibility and high-quality leads without paid traffic. This said, all of the leads in the world don’t mean a penny if not converted into clients and so targeted ads need to be supported by effective landing pages and funnels (see next two points). 

6. Website Design and Development

Does your website integrate client relationship management (CRM), email, and social media lead generation while at once representing your firm’s personality? If not, it needs to be because you can be sure competing websites do.

7. Lead Generation Funnels

All of your marketing materials need to be designed with a “hook, story, offer” approach in mind. Do this successfully and those window shoppers who may just visit your website seeking information will quickly become paying clients.

8. Lead Conversion KPIs and Analytics

In 2021 everything comes down to tracking and reporting. A good legal marketing consultant will place key performance indicators (KPIs) at the center of their work and will return to them regularly as they refine your marketing strategy.

9. Event Coordination, Promotion, and Local Outreach

While digital strategies dominate modern marketing, there is still no replacement for good, old-fashioned face-to-face interaction. Including events-based community outreach is your quiver of marketing strategies is just as important as anything else addressed in this list.

10. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Big firms with a CEO, and CFO or CMO are at a clear advantage: they simply have more resources. A good legal marketing consultant can even this playing field by locking arms with your firm and stepping into the role of CMO. Not only does this make your stand out among other small firms, it ensures a continuity to your marketing strategy that is otherwise unattainable. 

Legal Marketing Flow offers all of the above and more. As the only one-stop shop legal marking firm with 25+ years of law firm marketing knowledge, when you work with us it shows. 

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