Why Us?

By Molly McGrath | Legal Marketing F.L.O.W.

Why Us?

We are committed to compassionately guiding our clients to clarity, shifting them from fear to excitement and increasing their cash flow along with their influence work-life balance.

We met at a legal conference in the 1990s. In a hallway in tears. We saw so clearly what was possible for small and solo law firms, and we saw how their leaders were unknowingly getting in their own way. We wanted to change that—to revolutionize it—because we believe that lawyers work so hard on the front lines of their clients’ lives and the issues that impact those they serve because they care deeply about the people who entrust their stories to them.

Lawyers, you were not taught in law school how to start or build your own firm or to market and grow a business. You were taught how to become an excellent attorney—most of you, the best in the nation. We understand why you get overwhelmed and paralyzed at the thought of putting together a marketing plan and weeding through all the conflicting information out there about what you “need” to be doing to advertise, let alone a marketing budget. Getting out from behind your desks and into your marketplaces probably isn’t your strong suit. Yet, you long to be seen as the “go-to firm” by your dream clients who pay you for solutions to their legal concerns, which can be difficult given the suit-shaped box you likely feel forced into as an attorney.

We eradicate any shame around not having the money for marketing by watching every penny and by holding your hand through the whole process so everything you spend on marketing brings back multiple returns in revenue and results. We make sure your marketing is working to generate leads and revenue by consistently evaluating analytics and creating a solid, clear communication plan that has the buy-in of the whole firm, especially the people who will be executing each and every part of the plan. We are on the phone with you once a week, breaking everything down with you into simple, actionable steps and we compassionately hold you accountable to the goals you set and the dreams you have. We give you permission to celebrate that degree and those letters after your name and simultaneously be a whole human being by posting a photo of your dog, your favorite hiking spot or your family on your website, in addition to your hard-earned credentials and let as much of your story as you’re comfortable with be known!

With a combined 50 years’ experience in the legal marketing field, we have seen this field from more angles than anyone else in the industry. Molly’s background is in messaging, coaching and consulting as well as results-driven accountability; Roslyn has the boots-on-the-ground digital marketing experience. We have been employees in law firms across eight national legal organizations as well as entrepreneurs and legal-specific marketers. We have an ability to create much-needed shifts in perspectives for our clients that is unparalleled in the legal-marketing space. 

Together, we revel in making hard things easy. We have a tried, tested-and-proved track record that goes beyond KPI’s and marketing analytics to unparalleled, consistent support for our clients in order to genuinely shift from fear and anxiety to excitement. We are honored to show up for our clients and provide them with our full presence, effort and courage not to give up on their dreams of gaining influence, making a big impact and producing consistent income.

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