How to Fix your 5 Massive Internal Law Firm Marketing Problems

How to Fix your 5 Massive Internal Law Firm Marketing Problems

By Molly McGrath | Legal Marketing F.L.O.W.

As the legal marketing space continues to change and develop, keeping up with the times can be a difficult task. Marketing “managers” are faced with the challenges of KPI’s, accountability, project management, pivoting, consequences amongst ALL internal and external people, processes, and strategies to perform successfully on every available marketing initiative. 

With so many areas of marketing to navigate and the steps involved, there is an ever-increasing number of vessels in which things begin to crumble, and marketing strategies go from potential success to colossal breakdowns.

Problem 1: Inexperience “Helpers” or a Ghost Town

As the marketing field grows and becomes more complex, there is so much more to learn and know, more to do, and more to track. While you may start out with what looks like the perfect marketing department (yes, we want you considering it a DEPARTMENT), holes can begin to appear where there is a lack of knowledge, skillset, or bandwidth. This could result in sub-par marketing strategies and poor performances. Thoroughly consider the possibility that your team may need to see some changes before valuable marketing results can start to appear. 

Take an honest look at your current team and see who realistically can lead your marketing department; skillset? Discipline? Accountability cop? A lack of understanding regarding inbound, outbound, social & digital marketing strategies is a glaring need to outsource marketing.

Take the anxiety out of the office and outsource to specialized Legal marketing professionals (with a PROVEN track record) that can take the lead in content creation, digital and social strategies, and hold everyone accountable to the T+ L+C methodology.

Problem 2: New Marketing Trends

As new trends appear on the market, it can be difficult for attorneys to keep track of the changes and implement them in their own strategies. While embracing these changes would be to their benefit, keeping up with all things new regarding social media, funnel(s), webinars, and much more can be frustrating and overwhelming.

The process of figuring out which target audience matches with which social media platform is the first step. In finding a target audience, it is definitely best to outsource to experts and allow your internal team to focus on the follow-up and client connect campaigns. This, in turn, saves you a whole lot of energy, money, and time.

Problem 3: Knowing and Interpreting KPI’s

In our experience, most law firms lack the necessary knowledge to interpret marketing KPI’s and analytics. This causes them not to do it. However, without this critical information, nobody knows which marketing strategies to leverage….and which to kill.

This can decrease their ROI as they continue to use too many strategies without knowing which one is performing best. This can drastically damage their campaign if they are not using the correct strategies to their full potential.

Use marketing data to improve campaigns. An inbound marketing agency’s role is to help interpret and translate the data received back from marketing happenings for marketing managers. Using analytic software, they are able to configure reports and provide advice to managers on how to modify their marketing strategies to get the best results.

Problem 4: Lack of Communication

While there is a blender of activities going on (blogs, daily social, video, webinars, PP, CCC, and the marketing project management), it is important that all activities and RESULTS are communicated to the entire team at your weekly Monday Morning Meeting. Most small/solo law firms do not have a working system for collecting, organizing, interpreting, and communicating campaign data. And most employees are ill-equipped to analyze and improve their marketing strategy, “we are not taught this in law school.”

In addition, poorly collected data or a lack of data can cause heated and uncomfortable communication that is wholly unnecessary if you “knew your numbers.”

The best results have been achieved by looking at three specific areas of a marketing strategy.

  • Consider how your marketing strategy is driving traffic, and if it is working.
  • See how well your strategy is converting traffic into leads.
  • Analyze how effective your sales process is at turning leads into clients and generating NEW PNC revenue.

Work to gather and translate site data, report on successful content, and provide reports on marketing ALL results.

The good news is that this identifies where problems are occurring and allows for building a solution-based strategy to solve those problems. 

Problem 5: Marketing Coordinator + Client Services + Attorney Sales Loop Breakdown

Putting in the effort without seeing results can be one of the most discouraging things a law firm will experience. You have laid out a strategy that seems to be working well, and your traffic and leads are working, but your new hires are not computing. Possible areas to look at where things are slipping through:

  1. Disconnect in Lead Handling quite often: Your closer (SIGNED engagement agreement or retainer on the table= sale) may not have the understanding as to how to overcome objections, dismantle limiting beliefs, communicate your value ladder bridge, and ultimately, lead into decision time. 
  2. Garbage In, Garbage Out CRM: You have no system in place for approaching potential clients, or the system that your CSC has for setting up, following up, automating TOMA, and guiding PNC’s are not working.

Often, scheduling an internal meeting to investigate all possibilities can help instill confidence in moving forward. It allows us to know whether or not to increase communication between the team, seek advice on approaching leads, or restructure the entire strategy. This will help you to close the T+L+C loop and have faith that, in the near future, that increase in revenue you have been working your fanny off for is on the horizon.

If you are not sure where you currently sit in each of the above five areas and are ready to embrace modern-day marketing strategies and reach your greatest marketing potential, schedule your complimentary 7-Point Law Firm Marketing Analysis call with us at

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