By Molly McGrath | Legal Marketing F.L.O.W.

Rare is the person who invests in hiring a lawyer on impulse. After all, anyone urgently in need of an attorney is probably already too late. Instead, folks thinking of the best ways to protects themselves, their family and their money do the necessary research. By research, we mean Google. Your job is to meet these potential clients at the initial searching stage with answers before they can even formulate their questions. Their searching needs to not only lead them to your firm, but keep them there.




Invest in a Stand-Out Website

This might sound elementary, but a 2018 American Bar Association (ABA) survey shows that 33% of firms have no online presence. Solo practitioners are the worst offenders, with 45% of solo firms lacking a website, while large firms—those with 50+ lawyers—are all online.

An entire article could be written about how having an online presence levels the playing field for solo practitioners seeking to compete with larger firms, but that will have to wait. Suffice to say a website is like a banger pantsuit. Nobody’s going to question your firm’s competence if it shows up dressed like Gillian Anderson in the breakout British comedy Sex Education. After all, appearances are everything on the internet.


Create Quality Content

It is not just the pantsuits that make Anderson’s on-screen character so engaging. It is the pantsuits plus her blazing intellect and sharp wit. If potential clients are to be wooed by your website, it needs to brim with engaging content. Think of your website not as a database of answers, but as a curated educational resource. Folks never realize how little they know about a given subject until a sliver of insight illuminates its breadth. Concretely, this means publishing informative and well-written articles that in themselves lead clients to grasp the importance of engaging with your firm.


Know your Avatar Power Partners

Sex Education never would have gained 40 million viewers within its first month had it partnered with, say, National Geographic instead of Netflix. Likewise, a fancy-pants website will not bring in your target audience unless broadcasted on the appropriate platform. Reporting on social media usage habits, Pew Research suggests that if it’s folks aged 30-49 you are after: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are your platforms; meanwhile, if your audience is over 50, you’re unlikely to find success anywhere but on Facebook.


Top of Mind Awareness

Once your audience becomes captured, you need a strategy for keeping your audience that way. PNC’s (potential new clients) are rarely in a hurry and if you rush them, they may look elsewhere. When the time comes, if you stay in contact, trust that they will come to you. Weekly value creations, email communication, client connect call campaigns, and personal mailings do well, as do targeted advertisements on social media.


Built a Review Program

Another proven method is word-of-mouth recommendation—especially in this digital age. Research shows that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as friends—yes, our mind was also blown—which means that your web presence needs to spotlight satisfied clients. How? By asking. People love sharing their opinion and if you have shown them exemplary service, you should have no trouble gathering a string of compliments to display on your website and social media pages.


Need More?


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