4 Legal Marketing musts in a Time of Uncertainty

By Molly McGrath | Legal Marketing F.L.O.W.

Are you unsure on how to approach your marketing during a time of uncertainty? Looking for wisdom from proven legal marketers? Need Trusted guidance to help you make ethical decisions during trying times? 


If you would rather not hear about how to keep the phone ringing during a global pandemic, we don’t blame you. File this article under “read later,” close your laptop, organize your office, do more research, or keep doing what you have been since Mid-March. However, know that your newfound uncertainty is not going to end anytime soon, and eventually, you are going to need to start getting into action again. This is not the time for black and white thinking. It is “essential” that you think about your firm’s wellness. 


There are four things you should be doing as soon as you have got your immediate needs covered:


1. Use Content to Serve and Help Your Customers

It is time to show some real leadership to your existing clients, prospective clients, and referral sources. You must show up and prove that you are an expert in your community – communicate decisively. Your community is looking for guidance in these times. Providing helpful information that is educational and informative in your niche specific area of law is a good first step. Secondly, issue transparent and easy-to-understand information that communicates how you can help and how to best contact you. Lastly, you must show consistency in pushing weekly videos, blogs, and online educational webinars. These are the easiest ways to become the difference-maker in your community. Experts are out front and upfront.


2. Plan for growth.

You are okay. Your employees are okay. Now is the time to research those business growth strategies you have kept on the back burner since, well, frankly, forever. Can you answer the following questions? If not, here is your homework for the week:

  1. Have you saturated your target market? What strategies can you craft to gain deeper market penetration?
  2. How will you nurture market development right now? Have you built a plan to capture adjacent markets? Are you consistently visible and online?
  3. Can you define your firm’s unique value in clear terms? Can your team? What plans are in place for uncertainty innovation?
  4. Develop better systems. Even dark, deadly virus clouds carry a silver lining. The unprecedented shutdown of the global economy is also an unprecedented opportunity to learn. In these times, work with your team to address the following. What services are you paying for that you don’t really need? Are we investing enough in marketing initiatives and resources (time and money) right now? This is not the time to cut marketing expenses that are generating a ROI. Know your KPI’s right now, more than ever.


3. Leverage Video to Stay Connected.

People unconsciously bond with actors, artists, and speakers they see on screens and on stage because of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons also help explain why we feel that we “know” movie stars and television personalities. Our brain tells us that we have been in their personal space because of the feeling of proximity generated by us seeing them up close on the screen. The same concepts can be applied to videos. Businesses can use the concept of mirror neurons to build fans by paying close attention to camera placement and how you interact with the camera:

  •  Crop the video, so the video presenter appears to be in the viewer’s personal space. Typically, this means placing the camera about 4 feet away or using a lens to make it seem that you’re that close to the camera.
  • When you present, look directly into the camera as much as possible.
  • Adopt a friendly and open approach by imagining the camera is a close personal friend.
  • Have an interesting background in the room where you present.

4. Become marketing pros.

For many law firms, online marketing is a bit of a gray area. The pandemic has created new challenges and new opportunities for digital marketing. The pros are that everyone—literally everyone—is sitting in front of their computer all day, every day. The cons are that every business is jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon, so, without a real strategy, chances are your marketing message is going to fall silent into the deep sea of other marketing messages. How can your firm capitalize?


Pro tip: For more on not only surviving but thriving in the present moment, schedule your 7 Point Marketing Analysis in order to hit your law firm TLC weekly metrics. There, we will unpack how best to navigate this abrupt shift from business as usual. We will help your firm declare how to formulate, leverage, optimize, and create a widespread impact in your marketplace. 


During the last recession, some of the world’s most successful companies were born: Uber, Airbnb, Slack, Pinterest, What’s App, Square, Venmo…


During this recession—although we hope it is a short-lived one—your firm could begin to implement effective growth strategies and set itself for long-term, sustainable success. Start by scheduling your complimentary call and take advantage of designing a specific plan that works for small law firms and attorney solopreneurs. Click the button below to schedule your call today! https://go.oncehub.com/mollymc 

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